Ninja Hattori Games in Real Life

Rather than wear a mask that covers whatever but his eyes, the “High hypothetical Musical” star wears his sweatshirt hood in the works even though cruising not far off from Los Angeles. And then again of sneaking stirring upon his enemies using stealth tactics, he sneaks away from them.

Efron, who named his further production company Ninjas Runnin’ Wild, said he jumped by the side of from a drain pipe a few weeks ago to get out of his hotel without paparazzi noticing.

“I’ve adopted the ninja lifestyle,” said Efron though promoting the indulgent interim “Charlie St. Cloud” at a downtown Chicago hotel on Thursday. “I’m always moving. I’m each time giving out approaching and ducking out back up entrances.” Register similar to Chicago Tribune and receive pardon newsletters and alerts >>

In an effort to go unrecognized at the Coachella music festival in Indio, Calif., in April, Efron grew out a mustache. And, recognize it or not, the ‘stache worked somewhat (photos of him at the music festival have made the rounds upon the Web).

“Not-put-together is the habit to go,” Efron said. “I got to control through the crowd though Muse was playing. The collect place was jumping up and down. The release to be there subsequently the crowd was amazing.”

The ninja role-playing and disguises assist Efron settlement subsequent to the camera phones and paparazzi that follow the 22-year-old actor now more than ever. He has made the not-so-easy transition from Disney’s “High researcher Musical” movies to mainstream fare that appeals to a larger audience, appearing in “Hairspray” (2007) and “17 Again” (2009), and hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

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In his latest film, “Charlie St. Cloud,” out Friday, Efron’s setting tries to cope when the death of his younger brother but sees him in visions. The movie is a departure from the singing and dancing we’re used to seeing from the “Tiger Beat” magazine favorite.

“I wanted to pull off something that misrepresented expectations,” Efron said. “The cool ration more or less this movie is people can’t comprehend why. It felt as soon as the right issue to reach — the neighboring challenge. It felt next this is the right quirk in.”

In recent months, various Web sites have amalgamated Efron to the starring role in the coming Kurt Cobain biopic. Efron claimed the rumors are false but seemed admittance to the idea of playing the tardy Nirvana guide singer on screen.

“I haven’t heard all just about it,” he said. “Those would be fun songs to sing and it would be fun to tackle, but I don’t know if I quite deserve it yet. Still, I would be willing to put in the work.”

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